NoR aZuRa iDriS


study @ uiTm sHah aLaM


23 march 1989


DipLoma IN fine MEtal uitm MachanG

BaCHeLoR Of ArT AnD DeSIgN (HonS) (FInE MeTaL DeSiGn) JeweLLery Design

MinOr in PhoTogRapHy

UiTm ShaH aLAm

“CrEaTe yoUr On deSigN for yOuR oN peRsoNal ideNtiTy”




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bekam wanita

Assalamualikum .
Jadual CNY minggu ini.
Slot rawatan yg masih ada pada 
17 feb 2018
Walaubagaimanapun anda blh je pm @ whatsapp sy di 0189009493 utk dapatkan jadual slot sy yg kosong.

Selamat bercuti pada semua.

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